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Prosperity Advisers

“Brandswell went beyond the brief and our expectations by pushing the Directors to really think about the business and challenge our positioning.”

Allan McKeown, CEO, Prosperity Advisers


To successfully complete and deliver the merger of two businesses (accounting and financial services), the business needed a new brand strategy and name to align cultures and communicate competitive advantage in the marketplace.


Brandswell listened to various stakeholder experiences from the two merging businesses, and their clients, to distil insights and inform the new name, brand identity, marketing and communications.



• Brand Strategy
• Brand Name



• Brand Logo and Visual Identity
• Vision and Mission
• Brand Launch (internal and external communications)
• Website
• Marketing Implementation


Cared for

• Ongoing Brand Management

Proud of

“The response to the new name has been overwhelming due to its cut through and clarity. Brandswell were able to convince us to adopt the name and associated strategy, which has created real stand out from our competitors and relevance to the business. The name educated our clients to think about our full service offering – an extremely valuable outcome. We are delighted with Brandswell’s service, creative and strategic initiatives, and the business results have been outstanding.”


Allan McKeown
CEO, Prosperity Advisers