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Mary MacKillop Today


Mary MacKillop Today


Successfully transition the Josephite Foundation, Mary MacKillop International and the Mary MacKillop Foundation into a single ministry to ensure the Sisters of Saint Joseph continuing and long-term commitment to serving the poor. The single ministry will revitalise the organisation, reduce supporter confusion, expand reach of the services and reduce the administrative burden.


Extensive internal and external consultation including interviews, workshops and surveys with three Chairmen and CEOs, the Congregational Leadership Team, local and international staff and donors, overlaid with desktop research of the marketplace informed a clear and concise brand strategy. With unanimous alignment to the singular brand strategy, the rationale for the new name was simple and decisive which informed the new brand visual identity. To support this important merger process and ensure success, Brandswell created a change management and communications plan.



• Brand Strategy
• Naming



• Brand Logo and Visual Identity
• Vision and Mission

• Core Values and Culture

• Communication and Change Management Plan

• Key Messages and Brand Narrative



Proud of

“One year on and the transition from three brands to one new brand and name has been very smooth, without resistance. In fact the uptake of the new name has been amazingly good due to the good solid logic from amazing minds at Brandswell.”


“Thanks again for all your help on this (merger, brand strategy, naming and communications plan) – that little brand pyramid has become my go to piece of paper!”


Kirsty Robertson
Chief Executive Officer, Mary MacKillop Today